I have always been sexually charged. I am a regular woman who believes in sex.  I love fantasizing, writing erotica, having kinky experiences, talking about sex, looking at erotic images and reading about sex and sexuality. I am also an exhibitionist. I participate in Alternative Sexual Communities. These interests have lead me to a great many awesome experiences. The driving force behind my sexually charged attitude is Passion. I wish this kind of passion for everyone.  It is what drives life.

     Along this path and through these great experiences I have met a lot of wonderful people and been a part of many life changing events. I have grown and learned. I am dynamic, I change…

     I embraced this age of technology and the new sexuality that has developed out of it.  It has helped me to fulfill one of my desires, which is to show off and be seen.  Having pictures taken, being looked at and most of all knowing that I am an object of lust has fed a very deep need of mine. 

     So as time went on more and more pictures were taken.  These pictures were shared on adult forums and at chat sites. Soon I found I had a small but loyal fan base.  I built a small free website and even more interest grew.  I wondered where to go next in my quest to "make the world a better place, one orgasm at a time".  Eventually I set up the phone lines. 

     As I explored where I wanted this all to lead, a few ideas came into focus.  First of all, my own personal needs… fuel my exhibitionist streak, promote myself and feed my sexual appetite.  Check… Check… Check…

     But deep down me wanted even more... I wanted to share my pro-sexual attitude with the world.  I hoped to connect with other people  like me, who wanted to promote unique and fascinating ideas about beauty and sexuality.  With Inked Slut.com I hope to celebrate and encourage other people to embrace and explore their own sexual passions... I want this site to be an environment that promotes and accepts sexual diversity.  The pillars safe and sane sexual adventure are respected. And with the positive attitude that sexuality is healthy and essential to adult life. 

xxoo mia

Hobbies : Sexuality, Tattoos,  Art, Music, Gardening, Literature, Film and Food

Music : Old UK & American Punk Rock,  Alt-Country, Americana, Folk, Old Time Country, Alternative, Reggae, Ska, Celtic and more

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"I think sexuality is a wonderful miraculous thing that doesn’t need to be repressed or hidden or judged or condemned. Two people (more or less) get together, find common ground, get all tingly then have some fun. No one is hurt in the process. " - mia
(december 2006)